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Athletics - 2009-10 Directory Coaches/Sports Staff
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Carter, Mike Athletic Director 918-495-7150 eMail Mike Carter
Fowler, Rhonda Associate A.D./Business/SWA 918-495-7204 eMail Rhonda Fowler
Higgins, Scott Associate A.D./Marketing 918-495-7400 eMail Scott Higgins
Jones, Kyle Assistant A.D./Athletic Academics 918-495-7671 eMail Kyle Jones
Seay, Kyle Assistant Director of Media Relations (VB, WBB, M/W Tennis) 918-495-7094 eMail Kyle Seay
Joslin, John Director of Sports Medicine 918-495-6806 eMail John Joslin
Bacon, Elizabeth Compliance/Assistant Director 918-495-7095 eMail Elizabeth Bacon
Bruner, Brenda Director of Business Admin. 918-495-7074 eMail Brenda Bruner
Camp, Marye Lou Administrative Assistant/Baseball 918-495-7130 eMail Marye Lou Camp
Cannon, Brandi Athletic Academics/Eligibility Coordinator 918-495-7141 eMail Brandi Cannon
Hermann, Adam Strength & Conditioning/Director 918-495-7138 eMail Adam Hermann
McCutchen, Richard Marketing Director/Athletic Events 918-495-6616 eMail Richard McCutchen
Smith, Glenn Head Athletic Trainer 918-495-7746 eMail Glenn Smith
Unruh, Terry NCAA Faculty Representative 918-495-7781 eMail Terry Unruh
Blind, Claire Administrative Assistant/Golden Eagle Club 918-495-6424 eMail Claire Blind
Gray, Pam Administrative Assistant 918-495-7151 eMail Pam Gray
Powell, Alexi Administrative Assistant 918-495-6806 eMail Alexi Powell
Sampson, Shanda Administrative Assistant 918-495-7150 eMail Shanda Sampson
Williams, Stacey Administrative Assistant 918-495-7153 eMail Stacey Williams

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