Power Forward
Jani Hagen
Position: Assistant Coach
Experience: 10 Years
Phone: 918 495-7328
Email: jhagen@oru.edu
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Hagen Photos
Jani Hagen joined the ORU staff prior to the 2003 season after spending two successful years as the head volleyball coach at Jenks High School. Hagen was named an assistant when Shirola took the helm at ORU, and the two have led the Golden Eagles to a 187-126 (.597) record over the past 10 seasons, averaging more than 18 wins per year. Hagen helped lead the Golden Eagles to a Mid-Continent Conference championship in 2006 and a 20-win season in 2011.

In 2012, Hagen was on staff as the Golden Eagles went 17-15 and advanced to the Championship Game of the Southland Conference Tournament. With Hagen as a vital member of the ORU program, the Golden Eagles won 13 games against Southland Conference opponents in their first season as league members.

Three Golden Eagles earned All-Southland Conference awards at the conclusion of the season, including hometown product Laura Taylor and fellow Brazilians Bruna Silva and Sheina Fernandes.

Hagen’s presence has added a Brazilian flavor to the Golden Eagle coaching staff, and her recruiting prowess has helped bring several Brazilians to the ORU program. In addition to Silva, current standouts Sthephanie Mab and Luara Rosa each hail from Brazil, as does 2006 Mid-Con Setter of the Year (and current Graduate Assistant Coach) Thais Parada.

Hagen has helped mentor 22 All-Conference selections during her tenure as Sirola’s top assistant coach. Under Hagen’s tutelage, the Golden Eagles have produced eight conference players of the year, including a clean sweep of all three of Mid-Continent Conference’s yearly awards in 2006. The Golden Eagles captured their first conference title since 2002 that season, and Ori Zuzic (Offensive), Cris Alves (Defensive) and Parada (Setter) each won Player of the Year laurels from the Mid-Con.

Most recently, Hagen helped mold Silva into the 2011 Summit League Defensive Player of the Year, and the Niteroi, Brazil native followed that up with a Southland Conference Libero of the Year trophy in 2012.

Hagen is no stranger to the Golden Eagle program, having spent her collegiate career helping the program reach unprecedented heights. The former Jani Contador played at ORU from 1995-98, teaming with current head coach Sheera Sirola to help take the Golden Eagles to the Elite Eight of the 1995 NCAA Tournament.

During the 2002 season, Hagen led her Jenks High squad to a 37-17 record and the No. 7 spot in Oklahoma’s Class 5A rankings.

While she enjoyed her time at Jenks, Hagen’s dream was always to return to her alma mater and continue the grand tradition of ORU volleyball.  One of Hagen’s main duties at ORU is to aid with the overseas recruiting, especially in her native Brazil, and she is a key component in every aspect of the Golden Eagle program.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hagen married former ORU golfer Paul Hagen (1997-98) on September 16, 2000.   She graduated from ORU in 1999 with a degree in recreation administration.
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