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MBB Postgame Quotes vs. Northwood

Courtesy: ORU Media Relations
          Release: 11/02/2013
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Redshirt-Sophomore Guard Obi Emegano
On Getting Back on the Court after sitting out due to NCAA Transfer Rules
“It felt good. I was just trying to get the jitters out. I sat for a whole year so I’m just trying to get back into the rhythm of things. I worked so hard over the summer and in the off season improving my game. Coming out here for the first game I didn’t want to force too much. I wanted to get a rhythm going. When the lights come on it’s a lot different than practice by yourself or against your teammates, so I just tried to get a rhythm and not force anything, get rebounds and try to help the team anyway I can.”

On Turning the Ball Over
I had a ¼ of the turnovers. I know that I can play better for myself and do things to help make the team better. I’m just looking to put this one behind us and get better on Monday and Wednesday and whatever game we have coming up next.

On Free Throw Shooting
“Coach puts a lot of emphasis on hitting free throws. It’s going to be a be a huge chunk of our points. Hopefully this year we’re in there before practice and after practice trying to get reps in.”

Senior Forward Shawn Glover
On His Work over the Summer
“We have been working hard during this off season and during the summer. I’m trying to get ready for my senior year. I was just expecting us to play hard and play together. I really wanted David (Mason) and Adam (Glenville) to get in and play, give them an opportunity.”

On the Hand-Checking Rule Change
“It’s a big rule change and it’s hard to adjust to. We’re just going to have to get a few more games under our belt and get more comfortable with the rules so we can actually play with them. We have definitely been practicing our free throws knowing about the new rule changes and knowing that we will have to shoot a lot of free throws. Coach really stresses working on free throws.”

Coach Scott Sutton
Opening Statement
“This was a typical exhibition game where it’s a little bit ugly. I saw a lot of good and bad things that we need to work on. I was glad that we got to play everybody. I told the guys in the locker room that it’s hard to play that way when you’re substituting so freely like we did tonight. And certainly we will not do that starting a week tomorrow at Tulsa. We will get our rotation down to about 9 to maybe 10 players. That’s an awful lot for how we like to play. Like I said, that’s why you play these games, to give some guys some experience, to work on some things and learn from their mistakes, we certainly did that this game.”

On the Lineup Adjustments
“It was experimental. I mean I was just trying to get everybody double digit minutes, I think we came close besides D Mace and Adam. I’m experimenting with letting some guys play and let them get experience playing with guys like Shawn and letting Denell get in there and play with some guys. He got in foul trouble. It’s going to be tough. I’ve been saying this for weeks, it’s the deepest team we’ve had and they get a chance to audition every single day in practice for minutes. I think now that we’ve started playing games that will register a little bit better. You have to show up every day and work hard and prove that you’re the guy who deserves the minutes. And Corbin twisted his ankle in the first half and that’s why he didn’t come back into the game.”

On Shawn Glover’s Play
No I mean Shawn makes big baskets, so there’s a good chance that he will get the ball. Like Dominique from a couple years ago, we would always give him the ball. It was more Damen and Warren last year. People don’t know that Shawn, late in last season averaged 16 points per game in conference play and that’s playing behind Damen and Warren. Shawn is a terrific scorer. He has played as high of a level the first month of practice and tonight that I haven’t seen in a long time. And we’ve had some great players, Dominique, Damen and Warren. If Shawn can rebound and get to his line like he did tonight then he’s going to score a ton of points.”

On Obi Emegano’s Play
“You know Obi is the one guy who got off to a bit of a slow start. He’s been playing great in practice and I am not worried about how he played tonight. He is going to score a lot of points and play a ton of minutes. He got some rebounds and assists. He had too many turnovers and tried to force some things so I think that was one of his greatest problems. He didn’t play like he has been playing but it took Shawn a little while last year. Sometimes you sit a whole year and you get rusty but as far as games are concerned that hopefully was the case.”

On the Rebounding Effort
“We lost two great rebounders last year, Damen (Bell-Holter) and (Steven) Roundtree. We talked to Shawn about becoming a better rebounder and he was obviously great tonight. I am not too concerned. Obi and Korey are both terrific rebounders for guards and they showed that tonight. That will help us as we move forward. When they get a defensive rebound they can lead the break and that will help us get some easy shots early in the offense.”

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