Power Forward
#11 Sara Pope
Position: OH
Height: 5'11"
Year: Junior
Hometown: Jenks, Okla.
Other College: Albany
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Pope Photos
JUNIOR (2013)
- Honorable Mention AVCA All-South Region selection
- Southland Conference Newcomer of the Year
- 1st Team All-Southland Conference selection
- Southland Conference Offensive Player of the Week (9/2, 10/21)

- TSU Invitational MVP

Named Southland Conference Newcomer of the Year after a tremendous first season with the Golden Eagles... Also named to the All-SLC 1st Team... Earned ORU's first AVCA all-region selection since 2006... Played in 100 sets in her first season at ORU, leading the team with 365 kills... Ranked 2nd in the Southland Conference with 3.65 kills per set and 7th in the league with a .294 hitting percentage... Also had 127 digs, averaging 1.27 digs per set... Had a monster effort in her first tournament as a Golden Eagle, winning MVP honors at the TSU Invitaitonal... Averaged 4.62 kills and 1.75 digs per set at the event while hitting .462... Tallied 19 kills without committing an error against Texas Southern (8/30)... Hit .704 and added a team-high nine digs in the win over the Lady Tigers... Led ORU with nine kills and three blocks (two solo) against Prairie View A&M (8/31)... Tallied nine kills and two service aces in a sweep over Southern (8/31)... Smashed a team-high 12 kills in a sweep of Texas Southern (9/6)... Added 10 kills, including the match-winner, in a close win over UTEP (9/6)... Had a team-best 12 kills against Southern (9/6)... Led ORU with 17 kills ina victory over North Dakota State (9/13)... Had 11 kills and three blocks in a win over High Point (9/14)... Posted a team-high 14 kills against Georgia Southern (9/14)... Had 10 kills and three blocks in her home debut, a win over Incarnate Word (9/19)... Led the squad with 17 kills in a victory over Abilene Christian (9/21)... Had a team-high 11 kills in a three-set win over Southeastern Louisiana (9/28)... Had consecutive 19-kill performances against Stephen F. Austin (10/3) and Northwestern State (10/5)... Led the Golden Eagles with 12 kills at Central Arkansas (10/12)... Came just shy of a season high with 18 kills in a sweep of Nicholls State (10/17)... Smashed 15 kills in a sweep of McNeese State (10/19)... Named SLC Offensive Player of the Week for the second time after averaging 5.50 kills per set and hitting .464 in the wins over Nicholls and McNeese... Set her ORU career high with 20 kills in a comeback win over Texas A&M-Corpus Christi (10/24)... Added eight digs and two service aces in the win over the Islanders... Blasted 10 kills in a win over Houston Baptist (10/26)... Had her best defensive performance as a Golden Eagle with 14 digs against Northwestern State (10/29)... Recorded her first ORU double-double with 13 kills and 14 digs in a sweep of Sam Houston State (10/31)... Nearly had another against Lamar (11/2), with 16 kills and nine digs... Led ORU with 11 kills against Central Arkansas (11/9)... Smacked 17 kills and dug out 10 balls in a win over Stephen F. Austin (11/12)... Put away eight kills and four blocks in a sweep of Southeastern Louisiana (11/14)... Led ORU with 11 kills in the regular season finale, a win over New Orleans (11/16)... Added 10 digs and four blocks in the UNO win... Ended the season with a team-high 12 kills and nine digs in the SLC Tournament quarterfinals against Houston Baptist (11/22).

- America East Player of the Year
- 1st Team All-America East selection
- America East Player of the Week (10/8, 10/15, 11/12)

Emerged as the top performer in the America East as a sophomore, winning the conference's Player of the Year award... Led Albany to 14 wins and the America East Regular Season Championship... Finished 5th in the America East with 3.38 kills per set and 14th in the conference with a .216 hitting percentage... Raised her output to 4.14 kills per set with a .317 hitting percentage in America East play, finishing 2nd in the conference in both categories... Added 32 total blocks, including nine solo efforts... Chipped in 76 digs, averaging 0.74 per set... Posted a team-high six kills against No. 6 Stanford (8/25)... Led the Great Danes with 11 kills against St. Mary's (8/26)... Came up with 15 kills, a team-high, in a win over Miami (8/31)... Had a dozen kills against Georgia (9/7)... Led Albany with eight kills against Michigan State (9/8)... Came through with a 13 kills against Virginia Commonwealth (9/14)... Had 11 kills in a sweep victory over Sacred Heart (9/14)... Put up 11 kills as Albany knocked off Hartford (9/23) in their America East opener... Had a team-high 13 kills in a sweep over Binghamton (10/5)... Notched her first 20-kill performance of the season against UMBC (10/7)... Torched New Hampshire (10/12) for a career-high 24 kills and a .467 hitting percentage in a four-set victory... Had a team-best 14 kills in a sweep over Providence (10/14)... Put up 21 kills in a win over Hartford (10/19)... Paced Albany with 18 kills in a victory over Binghamton (11/4)... Was dominant in a regular season-ending victory over New Hampshire (11/11), with 23 kills and a .370 hitting percentage... Had a team-high 13 kills in the America East Tournament Championship Match against Binghamton (11/17).

Played in 34 sets over 18 matches as a true freshman, helping the Great Danes post a 21-9 record... Part of an Albany team that won the America East Regular Season and Tournament Championships and advanced to play Florida State in the NCAA Tournament... Recorded 85 kills for the season, averaging 2.50 kills per set... Tallied a .114 hitting percentage... Added 12 digs, averaging 0.35 per set... Chipped in one assist and one total block... Made her collegiate debut against Tulsa (8/26), tallying one kill... Added eight kills in a close loss to Florida State (8/27)... Had a great day in a doubleheader against nationally-ranked teams, with six kills against No. 5 Nebraska and a team-high 11 kills against No. 15 Colorado State (9/3)... Exploded for 21 kills, a Albany season-high, against Colorado (9/4)... Finished with 11 kills as Albany snapped a six-game losing skid with a win over Fordham (9/9)... Posted nine kills in a win over Akron (9/16)... Racked up three kills in only one set of action in a victory over Siena (11/2).

Was a four-year letterman and a two-time captain at Jenks High School, playing her prep volleyball just across the Arkansas River from the ORU campus... Coached by Kody Engle... Was an OCA All-State honoree in 2009 and 2010... Named the Offensive MVP and conference player of the year at Jenks as a senior in 2010.

Daughter of Derrick and Shari Pope... Both of her parents and her older brother, Nick, have experience playing professional basketball in France... Majoring in communications at ORU... Was born in Saint-Brieuc, France... Wants to play volleyball professionally after graduation... Lists the Denver Broncos are her favorite professional sports team.

Kills: 20 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 10/24/13
Digs: 14 (2x), last vs. Sam Houston State, 10/31/13
Assists: 3 vs. UTEP, 9/6/13
Service Aces: 2 (2x), last vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 10/24/13
Block Solos: 2 vs. Prairie View A&M, 8/31/13
Block Assists: 4 vs. Southeastern Louisiana, 11/14/13
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